The Coral Castle Explained Review – Does This Thing Scam Or Truly Work?

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So, What is The Coral Castle Explained?

The Coral Castle Explained

The Coral Castle Explained

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There are quite a few ancient megalithic sites around the world that have intrigued researchers for decades. Some of these are effectively known including Baalbek in Lebanon, Solomon’s Temple In Israel, the ruins of Sacsayhuaman in Peru, and of course the famous Stonehenge situated in Wiltshire, England.

Many from the megalithic stones at ancient sites weigh from 100 to well over 1000 tons. Some of which are carved out in the bedrock in the building web-site, or had been actually brought in from miles away. The general consensus with archaeologists and Egyptologists is that the stones were carved by primitive individuals, motivated by rulers that utilized hundreds, or even thousands, of workers to carve, move and lift them into location.

Unfortunately, for those that believe these theories to become true, that primitive man utilised primitive suggests by which to erect these massive megalithic sites, there is certainly one particular megalithic structure that clearly shows that these theories are not quite appropriate. It can be a contemporary megalithic structure within the United states called the Coral Castle

The Coral Castle was very first constructed in Florida City by Edward Leedskalnin on a single acre of property that Ed purchased for $12 near the Everglades National Park. This was a considerably smaller version of the Coral Castle that he would later build in Homestead, Florida, where it is located today. It was said that he constructed this home out of coral for any woman by the name of Agnes Scuffs. Ed owned and operated a business, giving tours of his megalithic site, until his death in 1951.

There are very couple of pictures of this original location or his move from Florida City to Homestead up the…[read more]

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Is This Fake Or Real?

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