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Did you know that 4 out of 5 women experience SOME form of “hormonal imbalance?” Can you think that something you cannot even see with your naked eye, can wreak a lot havoc on your fat cells?

As soon as you reach the age of 30 your fat cells end up being “smarter” with every incorrect bout of workout and “more stubborn” with every bad food option. Do you know which carbs are “great?” Are you aware that certain fats can trigger inflammation? Do you understand which type of exercise can enlarge your fat cells?

Discover How Even The Most FRUSTRATED Women Can Trick Their Body Into Burning Fat and Turn [OFF] Fat-Storing Hormonal agents Without Limiting Carbs (or Calories) or Suffering Through Long, Boring, or Crazy Workouts. Unfortunately These BREAKTHROUGH Training Techniques and Ingenius Way of Consuming is Being Neglected By 99 % of So-Called “Weight Loss Experts…”.

Too Much Workout Can OVERSTRESS Your Metabolism For Women Over 30 and Consuming Too Couple of Calories (Especially From Carbs and Fat) Can STOP Your Fat-Burning Ability In It’s Tracks… Making You Gain A lot more Belly Fat!

Consider it: you’ve most likely experienced those females at the fitness center slaving away on the elliptical device NEVER getting anywhere… or the cardio-class queens who are “fit” but have love-handles or a spare-tire… or perhaps you are one of these women?

The hard to swallow TRUTH is most of what you’ve been told about exercising and eating to get rid of belly fat is completely WRONG… specifically for HECTIC (and stressed out) females over 30…

You will find out about a special new type of bodyweight training that’s short (less than 4 % of your whole week), simple, and more notably is helping women (particularly over 30) LASTLY get the flat, toned, and company belly they prefer.

You’ll also discover about how an advancement nutrition plan that’s easy, easy to follow, and tasty is letting females consume MORE carbohydrates, MORE fat, and MORE calories while killing yearnings, stabilizing hormones, and shedding more fat every day!

The weight loss market wants you to jump from program to program promising FAST results, so your weight keeps coming back… So you keep purchasing supplements, programs, pills and powders… This stops NOW! To obtain enduring results, a flat stomach, and a healthy body you have actually constantly desired, you require a FRESH start, a brand-new view on what it takes to get a flat belly.

This might be difficult to swallow, however you will learn about 3 foods that you’ve been led to believe are healthy, however are in fact causing SEVERE metabolic damage to your body and preventing you eliminating ANY excess fat…

These 3 foods are accountable for over 90 % of your inflammation and hormone imbalances. These 3 foods entirely obstruct your thyroid hormonal agents, which results in fat storage, especially around the belly, thigh, and hip location.

Much like numerous females reading this post, Juanita was eating these 3 foods, and other so-called “healthy” foods, “believing” she was helping her body get healthy and eventually slim down.

If you make it to the end of this life-saving, body-transforming post I’m going to expose a few advancement FLAT BELLY secrets, that helped Juanita lose over 40 pounds AND have actually assisted hundreds of other women drop life-changing amounts of weight in a short period. Ensure to check out all the way to the end, so you do not miss out on the SPECIFIC system we utilize to assist you get a toned and flat belly.

The Flat Belly System Is The Only Complete Weight loss Program For Ladies, That Outsmarts Your Fat Cells To Release The Power Of Your Female Fat-Burning Metabolism With Simple 20-30 Minute HIMT Sessions And An Easy To Follow Whole Food Nutrition Plan. This system enables females of all shapes and sizes, similar to you to achieve real flexibility from limiting diet plans, endless frustration, obsession, and long hours of exercise.

This system has actually helped Juanita (co-creator) drop 30+ pounds and hundreds of other ladies drop 7-44 pounds and 12-30 inches in just 9-weeks.

Here’s The 3-Phase Flat Belly System and Exactly How It Works:
1. Phase 1: Shut off Inflammatory Fat-Storing Hormones with the 21-Day Flat Belly FLUSH

2. Phase 2: Turn on Sleeping Fat-Burning Hormonal agents with High-Intensity Metabolic Training (HIMT).

3. Stage 3: Spark Your Fat-Burning Metabolic process Using Macro-Balancing, Carb-Cycling, and Metabolic Meals.

The Flat Belly System is separated into 5 seperate simple to follow guides. Each handbook supplies detailed guidelines, with coaching, guidance, and expert guidance. Here is a quick summary of each handbook:

> Program and Quick Start Guide.
The Program Guide offers you with an extensive introduction of the science behind The Flat Belly System. In order to lose fat, not just weight, you must understand WHY you put on weight and why you aren’t able to lose it. You’ll find out ways to DEACTIVATE the 3 fat-storing hormonal agents keeping you overweight. You’ll likewise discover ways to TRIGGER the 5 fat-burning hormones that will make you fat-burning machine. I’ll break down the 8 Metabolism Myths keeping you frustrated and overweight and give you the 9 Flat Belly Rules for Eating to lose weight on ANY diet plan.

The Quick Start Guide helps navigate through the program, supplies you with workout and eating sheets, and assists you measure your development and set objectives. You’ll get 9 Flat Belly Calendars informing you precisely what to eat, when to exercise, and more…

> Nutrition Guide.
The Nutrition Guide offers you with a 3-Phase Nutrition Plan developed to stabilize your hormonal agents and blood sugar.
Phase 1: The 21-Day Flat Belly FLUSH.
Phase 2: The 21-Day Macro-Balancing Belly Fat REPAIR.
Phase 3: The 21-Day Flat Belly for Life Plan for the FUTURE.
Each stage of the Flat Belly Nutrtion Strategy develops on one another until you are a fat-burning, meal making, machine.
Stage 1 assists you cleanse your weight loss organs promote fat-burning hormones and suppress fat-storing hormones.
Stage 2 teaches you how to balance your macro-nutrients and eat carbohydrates.
Stage 3 assists you consume sustainably and enjoyably so you don’t have to count calories or obsess over food anymore.
We supply a LIST of foods to get rid of (10) and a LONG list of foods to eat (120+), along with over 60 dishes to select from so you don’t need to search the internet for dishes.

> Exercise Guide and Videos.
The Workout Guide provides you everything you have to learn about how and why to carry out “metabolic workout” for optimum fat loss.
Inside the guide you’ll find:

– The leading 5 bodyweight exercises you need to master prior to starting ANY workout program.
– Over CPT 20 written exercises so you understand precisely what to do throughout the Flat Belly System.
– Over 20 Individual Trainer assisted exercise videos (a $499 value) coaching and training you to perform the best, most safe, and many efficient exercise EVER.

All you need to do is dedicate to about 120 minutes of exercise weekly. Up that’s all it requires to accomplish a fit and lean body.
Together with the Nutriton Guide, you’ll accomplish fantastic lead to HALF the time.

> Mindset Guide.
The Mindset Guide provides you with the tools to set goals, measure your development, form new transformative routines, and think positively.
Over 91 % of females who start a workout, diet, or weight loss program NEVER get past the very first 2 weeks.
Even the best, most effective program, like the Flat Belly System is entirely worthless if you don’t follow through with consistency and commitment.
You’ll find out:

– The CRAFT approach for redirecting any negativeness to positive action.
– The WISE method for not only setting objectives, but attaining them.
– The 3-Step approach for effectively measuring development, without utilizing the scale.

Without a strong, resilient mindset, making it through ANY program will be alongside impossible.
The Flat Belly Mindset Guide makes sure you will be successful, not just with this program, but for your whole life.

Now, you might be surprised that this small investment is just a portion of what you ‘d spend for a single hour with even a mediocre individual fitness instructor, or among those silly cellulite creams that never ever works anyway…

Yet check this out, since I’ve fallen for the very same fat loss traps every female has actually experienced, I understand that you might still be having problem accepting the reality of this breakthrough stubborn fat solution…

So, you do not need to decide today… Due to the fact that I understand that you’ll delight in the very same life-changing outcomes as the women you have actually seen today, I’ll do more than simply promiseyour success…


Product Name: The Flat Belly System Principles
Founder Name: Nick Garcia and Juanita Clark



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