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Anyone can become infected with antibiotic resistance bacteria anywhere and anytime. Listen to Jim’s Story… I’ve got some trouble, began the doctor. It was a Friday and Jim’s child had driven him to the emergency clinic earlier in the day due to the fact that he was too weak to drive. You’re not going home tonight, we’re taking you into emergency situation surgical treatment today, the ER medical professional continued. Jim’s family was collecting around and he was scared. Terrified he was going to pass away and he ‘d never see them again.

It had all started four days prior. Jim had actually stayed home from deal with Monday since he was having a burning pain in his tummy that infect his back. The discomfort remained to get worse till it seemed like Jim’s whole mid-section was on fire. His physician diagnosed it as diverticulitis… a severe inflammation in his colon. Jim had been identified with diverticulitis before. Just a number of months prior his most recent bout had actually been cleared with antibiotics. So he believed no big deal.

Another round of prescription antibiotics and I’ll be good to go. But the prescription antibiotics didn’t work and simply a couple of days later Jim’s discomfort had actually ended up being unbearable. By the time he left for the medical facility he had a sustained fever of 103. He was ice cold and shaking violently. What Jim didn’t understand at the time is that his colon had perforated spilling ESBL-producing E. coli, an antibiotic resistant superbug into his system causing an infection that would nearly eliminate him.

They got rid of 6 inches of his colon in emergency situation surgical treatment that night and he wound up with a colostomy bag… a bag to hold all the urine and feces that could not go through Jim’s colon into the toilet as normal. After surgery, Jim was confessed to the medical facility and underwent a course of very strong intravenous prescription antibiotics that ultimately cleared up his infection. Months later on his infection is gone and he’s awaiting the doctor to fix his colon so he can get rid of the colostomy bag, utilize the bathroom usually and get the pieces of his life.

Jim was young, healthy and active. Not old, ill and infirm. Jim worked out daily, ate right and led an extremely active way of living. To take a look at him you would call him the picture of health. Yet he got a lethal infection that nearly eliminated him since… Prescription antibiotics Didn’t Work! Jim was left questioning “how might I become infected with lethal E. coli bacteria – that virtually killed me – when I’ve lived a healthy lifestyle my entire life.

But it’s a cold hard fact: Countless otherwise healthy men, females and kids are dying from typical everyday infections – right here in the U.S.A – where we have among the very best healthcare systems in the world, access to cutting-edge hospitals… A doctor’s workplace (or 10) in every neighborhood and a pharmacy loaded with prescription antibiotics to heal any infection on almost every corner.

You believe you’re having a nightmare, just… It’s a cold hard fact: Thousands of otherwise healthy men, women and youngsters are dying from typical everyday infections – right here in the USA – where we have one of the best healthcare systems on the planet, access to cutting-edge hospitals… A physician’s office (or ten) in every community and a pharmacy packed with prescription antibiotics to cure any infection on nearly every corner.

The World Health Company has warned, “A post-antibiotic age – in which common infections and minor injuries can eliminate – far from…

However, antibiotic use can damage and damage a healthy body immune system and our dependence on them has actually been a double-edged sword!

I do not have adequate room to put it all here, however you’ll find everything you need to understand in our new eBook, The Antibiotic Epidemic: The best ways to Fight Superbugs and Arising Bacteria with Miracles from Mother Earth consisting of:
– How prescription antibiotics add to autoimmune disease, arthritis, CANCER, chronic fatigue syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, Psoriasis and more!
– How antibiotics therapy may relieve your infection however replace it with intrusive candidiasis that can cause a lethal blood infection!
– How antibiotic use in animals contributed to a ravenous bacteria responsible for practically 76 million cases of foodborne health problem a year!
– Scientific proof that old people had access to one of the same antibiotics we make use of today – discovered naturally!
– And so much more!

But, to tell the truth, I was never entirely sold on conventional medicine. And Big Pharma’s lust for profits and our government’s gross negligence and lack of oversight makes my blood boil.

If physicians assisted their clients find out the best ways to keep their immune systems strong and healthy instead of simply writing prescriptions, a future without prescription antibiotics would not be almost as scary.

In my research I discovered the earth is abundantly rich in natural antibiotic sources your medical professional will never ever tell you about – and the most reliable ones are covered in our new eBook, The Antibiotic Epidemic: How to Fight Superbugs and Arising Bacteria with Miracles from Mother Earth.

You’ll likewise find the best natural methods to combat common illnesses like:
– Sinus infection – Simply add this fruit extract to distilled warm water and breathe in the healing steam!
– Ear infection – make your very own calming ear drops to beat agonizing ear infections!
– Chest congestion – just a couple of drops of this oil can be contributed to a hot bath and the steam will help make coughs more productive!
– The Flu – this mix of 4 natural components will have you feeling much better in record time!
– And more!

Prescription antibiotics have definitely no impact on viral infections and in fact, misuse of antibiotics to treat viruses has actually contributed significantly to antibiotic resistance.

This unique report draws from a few of the earliest recovery traditions known to man, including Ayurvedic and Standard Chinese medicine, with a rich history of plant-based medications.

In this report you’ll discover:
– 10 natural antivirals including spices, herbs, and flowering plants!
– A conventional Chinese viral-fighting formula to ease cold and flu!
– A virus-stopping soup recipe sure to soothe the nastiest bout!
– The best ways to make tasty recovery medicinal syrup you should constantly keep on hand!
– And more!

The Antibiotic Epidemic: Ways to Fight Superbugs and Emerging Bacteria with Miracles from Mother Earth PLUS a FREE present today!

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