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You most likely already know that by the time you strike your 40th birthday something unpleasant happens. An inescapable biological timer activates within you. One that sets in motion slow debilitating physical and mental modifications that will rock the very core of your belief in who you are. The outside world will see it too, as the vibrant man you have actually always been starts to decline from this world to be changed by another…

A smaller sized, less important, less deserving variation of the soon-to-be former you. A sort of shadow self that robs you of stamina, sexual drive, mental acquity, and respect in the eyes of the opposite sex. All of it comes from a deficiency of the male hormone testosterone.

This is the hormone that a guy enjoys in abundance in his youth, and which is responsible for making him reveal definitely male and not female characteristics. Testosterone levels start going away slowly however steadily as soon as a man reaches his thirties.

Sooner or later every man starts to experience a minimum of a few of the noticeably UNPLEASANT adverse effects of this masculine unwind period. You might ALREADY be experiencing them. For instance, if you find yourself responding YES to any of the following concerns:
– Are you exeriencing steady LOSS of muscularity and stamina?
– Are you seeing stable GAINS in body fat, especially on your belly?
– Do you feel as though you have NO ENERGY or endurance – and now need to assign time for naps?
– Are you observing an EROSION of libido and performance?
– Has your ability to satisfy your partner begun to DECREASE?
– Has your confidence in yourself and capabilities PLUMMETED?
– Are you having PROBLEM maintaining your mental focus and drive?
– Are you experiencing a significant loss of interest and an ABSENCE OF ENTHUSIASM for life in general?
– Do you find yourself going through periods of DEPRESSION, apparently without great reason, when you never did prior to?

Just having to deal with a couple of these concerns can be taxing. However if you find yourself ticking THE MAJORITY OF the boxes, as a nice many guys do when they leave their prime years behind, the implication is strong that you may be experiencing a deficiency of the one hormone that makes men feel alive – and the wake of this awareness can be soul-destroying.

If it has already started to happen to you then you may have started to question. Is it too late for you? Is this that you can fairly get out of this point on? Or exists something you can do right now to RECLAIM THE LIFE you when considered approved and now recognize was the greatest gift ever bestowed upon you?

If you have ever seen the tv series The Dead Zone, based on Stephen King’s book of the same name, you will recognize with the expression “There’s still time.” Seer Johnny Smith utters it a lot in the show as he tries to change the fate of the blissfully uninformed for whom the future is looking distinctly unpleasant.

Well, you can think about me as a type of prophet too, a veritable Johnny Smith who handles the unholy topic of the emasculination of men before their time. That’s right, I have actually seen your future dear reader and health-wise it is not looking too rosy…

BUT – and this is among the things you will hear me tell you time and again – there IS still time to pull out of the nose dive that the majority of men find themselves in after they struck the age of 40 years.

In fact, wind the clock forward by another years and you’ll see that when you cross the BIG FIVE OH and land on the opposite of your fiftieth birthday, “dead zone” is a very apt description of the neutered purgatory you can anticipate to look forward to as you begin the second half of your life.

Strong Men Stay Young is designed to do 2 things for you. The very first of these is to EDUCATE you about the problems your body might be facing today, or in the near future (if you have been fortunate enough to read this page before the BIG CHANGES start occurring). By understanding the threats that lie ahead you will be much better MOTIVATED to take action.

The 2nd thing Strong Men Stay Young will do is teach you WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TODAY to ward off approaching problems and correct the ones that are currently influencing your quality of life.

This is achieved by addressing shortages in your current nutrition and exercise regimens. A strong mind and a strong body are completion objective of this program, because this is exactly what is needed to help you maintain youth and vigor for the longest possible amount of time.

To assist you reclaim your former self Strong Men Stay Young has actually been segmented into a variety of different parts. A few of the “how to” info is provided in ebook form, others as audio. As you will see when you scan the page below, there is a LOT of carefully-prepared content that awaits you inside Strong Men Stay Young…


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