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I’m incredibly happy to share the development of Lori-Ann M. who looks fantastic! This beautiful STRONG MOMMY of 2 is likewise a very active Fitness Studio Owner and Instructor who came to looking to tighten up and feel the best she can bet… and we definitely attained that!

We developed a technique that was easy to follow using whole foods with quick and reliable cooking guidelines. She had a lots of variety and versatility meals so she could take pleasure in the vacations or any unique events this Mompreneur was involved in. Her exercises were maintaineded at just 3 days of resistance training per week in conjunction with the yoga and tastes buds classes that she teaches.

Lori-Ann states, “As a busy mama of 2 kids and fitness studio owner and instructor there are times I do not get time to take a seat and unwind for even a minute. On a regular basis I was physically drained but kept pushing forward. Despite the fact that I attempted to consume healthier choices, deep down I knew I wasn’t eating enough. The physical needs on my body had not been matching my food intake.

On top of my physically draining task I likewise suffer from chronic migraines and anemia. By exhausting my body and not eating enough made these problems even worse! In some cases I would teach a class and feel like I was going to pass out so I understood I required a change. I began checking out working with a nutritional expert when I discovered the Coach JVB’s site. I liked that Jenny worked with all sorts of women consisting of athletes.

About 1 month into my program I experienced less regular lightheaded spells and say goodbye to headaches. I also had a lot more energy to get through my crazy teaching schedule! In addition to that, I loved the physical changes happening to me body!”.

Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe is a Physical fitness Specialist, Nutritional expert, Health/Wellness Author, Diet Coach, Contest Prep Specialist, Business owner, and Mommy Blogger. After investing years as a Before and After Transformation Specialist for numerous Diet plan and Physical fitness business, with campaigns being seen in numerous publications and tv commercials throughout the world, Jennifer has now developed an effective brand name for herself. Each day she inspires hundreds of her own clients from around the world including supplying everyday wellness suggestions on her site and different Social Media pages. As a Coach and motivator, Jennifer has an unique connection with each of her STRONG WOMEN and STRONG MOMMIES that comes from sharing her own health journey.

Starting her career in fitness as a Personal Trainer at the extremely young age of 18 while attending York University, Jennifer’s enthusiasm for Workout Science and Nutrition, and dedication to continued learning and research study, is complimented by her years of working at some of the world’s biggest Sports Nutrition companies and learning under a few of the greatest and most notable names in the Physical fitness Market. Further to that, she has logged in thousands of hours as an Individual Trainer and Bootcamp Trainer prior to branching out on her own. Today she focuses on the field of Fat Loss, Restorative Exercise, Holistic Nutrition, Prenatal and Postnatal Workout, and is understood for her customers’ dramatic Success Stories which she features daily.

Jennifer is also an achieved Wellness Writer with posts featured in Within Fitness and her just recently introduced STRONG LIKE MOMMY Prenatal ebook. She is likewise difficult at work with her STRONG LIKE MOMMY follow-up ebook on Postnatal Exercise and Nutrition which will be released later on this year.

In 2013, Jennifer was included by Staples Canada as a Small Business Success Story and has actually not looked back since. She is a Brand name Ambassador for sports clothes mega giant Under Armour and also serves a dual roll as Panel Advisory/Spokesperson for Interactive Nutrition.

Jennifer’s mission is to help her clients move far from behaviours that not add value to their health and to begin embracing brand-new practices that are more in line with their fitness goals- the STRONG LADIES way.


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