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Down installing Rocket French review is extremely simple and safe on the web site which you can access by means of this link. Is Rocket French scam or possibly not? They are the only legit distributor of it, and their complete customer support is appreciated by numerous users aroud the world. If you want to be among those lucky ones, all you have to do is to continue reading.

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The course is offered in 2 versions: online, which includes downloads and the physically delivering DVD software package. The complimentary trial that I pointed out prior to consists of access to the online version just. Future updates of the protocol are guaranteed as part of the package, suggesting you will continue to gain from new course product going forward. The course works with PC and MAC computer systems and mobile phones such as the iPad, iPhone, and the Android platform. The MP3 files can be transferred to your gadgets, making it an excellent tool for learning on the go. I experienced no restrictions copying them back and forth. The home study approach will also save you a substantial amount of money compared with going to classes, which is however still among the best methods to learn a language. That said, although you will not be in the physical presence of a teacher, this protocol supplies all interactivity and inspirational qualities of the classroom environment.

Among the hardest parts of finding out French are verb conjugations. Rocket French challenges this part with an entertaining technique called MegaFrench which uses fun games and tests to engage the student and reinforces the guidelines of tenses. The protocol includes over 2700 French words and expressions, and the Rocket Record function assists you in practicing the spoken parts by overlapping your voice with the voice of a native speaker to remove errors in pronunciation. Rocket Languages even goes a step further by providing over 60 cultural language lessons to make sure that you should integrate appropriately with residents and discover the custom-mades prior to embarking on a journey.

Rocket French covers the part about how you can keep words very well. This is essential for grownups who have a hard time absorbing vocabulary and new words in addition to youngsters do. The conversational learning method as opposed to simply taking a look at photos and associating them with words is a fantastic approach. It makes learning a lot more fun and less repeated than other programs (e.g. Rosetta Stone) with their traditional image recall strategy.

Rocket Record allows you to listen to the way native speakers say hundreds of French words and phrases. Then you can record yourself and accurately compare your speech with that of the native speaker. It really is a fantastic way to learn French by increasing the amount of French words and phrases you know, and at the same time massively improving your pronunciation and accent. Rocket Record is great for your confidence! Virtually every French word and phrase in these lessons uses our Rocket Record voice comparison technology to get your pronunciation sounding as close as possible to a native French speaker.

Most of our French lessons take advantage of Testing, our exclusive testing tool. Testing has three testing components, Hear It Say It!, Write It!, and Know It! Plus the multi-choice Quiz.

How to Understand Spoken French with Testing:
1. Hear it Say it!
Training your ear for French can be one of the things that French learners find the hardest to master. That’s why we came up with Hear It Say It! Here’s how Hear lt Say It! works. A randomly selected audio track from within each lesson is played. After listening to the track you’re prompted to record yourself saying the word, compare the way you say it to the French speaker, and rate how well you understand what the speaker was saying. A very powerful tool to tune your ear to spoken French!

2. Write it!
It’s one thing being able to pronounce French words correctly, it’s quite another figuring out how those sounds turn into written words. Write It! is the self-testing tool that lets you find out how well developed your French ear really is. Just listen to the native speaker saying a word or phrase, then try to write it correctly in the space provided. There’s a special character keyboard available if you need it, so you can get it exactly right. When you’re done click reveal, and you get to see how well you did, and get a rating for that word or phrase.

3. Know it!
Now, all the training in the world won’t help you if someone is talking to you in French and your mind freezes when it’s your turn to speak! That’s why we developed Know It! The self-testing tool that really puts you on the spot! Know It! pulls randomly selected English words and phrases out of each lesson and prompts you to record yourself saying the French translation, compare yourself to the French speaker, and then rate how well you did! You really need to know your stuff for this one but the benefits are huge in maximizing how quickly you can come up with the right thing to say when someone is speaking French to you!

In addition to the tools pointed out above, Rocket Languages will give you access to their learners’ forums, enabling you to connect with French trainers if you have questions, 24/7. The plan gives you lifetime membership to the knowing lounge where you can access all the course products, notes, tests, self-tests, and so on. When you have completed your premium level course in French, you should advance to more complex circumstances and acquire more flexibility in your capability.


– Amusing and engaging course.
– Development tracking, tests and certificates provide motivation and a classroom-like sense of achievement.
– Wonderful MP3 audio lessons (that can be packed onto your phone or MP3 player).
– My Vocab function lets you create your very own dictionary.
– Interactive quizzes and video games.
– Cultural language lessons.
– 60-day cash back guarantee.
– No preliminary abilities assessment.
– Absence of sophisticated composing lessons.


The Rocket French course offers a great all-in-one French learning option and definitively includes the most developed audio lessons on the market. The addition of cultural lessons is a great feature and the varied approaches of finding out provide a highly engaging learning experience. The Rocket Languages neighborhood and forums allow students to connect and share opinions, go over topics, ask, and address questions, which is a necessary motivating factor for success. The quality of the package, excellent support, and low price (currently just $99.95 instead of the usual $299.95) makes Rocket French my Editor’s Option.


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Rocket French review comes with a 60-Day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose. Your energy, vitality, and passion in order to uncover, cultivate, and offer to everyone who will A High Quality Learn French from your better Languages : French achieved. That is how firmly the authors stand behind the depth, scope, and value of Rocket French review.