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With my busy star-studded clients covering the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan, oftentimes my clients simply could not make it to the beauty salon. So I got hectic and created coloursplash! ®, a brand-new line of product called coloursplash! ® created to be used in between hair salon appointments.

coloursplash! ® is a distinct ammonia and peroxide-free hair color product that keeps your hair looking fresh and best everyday of the month… AND it diffuses your grey! This hair colour development is so efficient it’s no surprise it sold out in only 6 minutes on QVC!

I likewise decided to put my decades of experience into an eBook to assist as many individuals as possible with their hair coloring questions. In my eBook, “Excuse Me … Your Roots are Revealing,” I’ll give you skilled suggestions, pointers, and hair color secrets. I will certainly inform you everything you need to learn about hair color; from coloring your hair in your home, going to the salon; to choosing the best hair color. In “Excuse Me… Your Roots are Showing” I will certainly also resolve hair color myths, discuss ways to handle coloring issues, and much more!

Excuse Me… Your Roots Are Revealing is the Conclusive Hair Color Guide. Tracy will certainly inform you How to Color your Hair in the house, and Get Beauty salon Perfect Outcomes. She will certainly explain the best ways to selected the Right Hair Color for your Skin Tone. Coloring your Hair does not have to be Frightening or Confusing or fulled of Errors, and Regret.

After checking out Excuse Me… Your Roots Are Revealing you will certainly be able to Color your Hair with Self-confidence, it will certainly be like Tracy is in your Home Guiding you through the entire Process. You Will certainly also have the ability to go to the Hair salon Informed and get back with Perfect Color.

Hair Color Truths:
– In 2013 Women Spent over $13 Billion on Hair Color. However, as you May have currently Found, spending money does not guarantee Fantastic Outcomes.
– 50 % of Ladies Consider their Hair to be among their Best Features. (Pantene study).
– 39 % of Ladies say a Good Hair Day Boosts their Self-confidence. (Allure Magazine).
– 37 % of Women would Compromise a Year of Dessert for a Year of Good Hair. ( Poll).
– 28 % of Ladies in between the ages of 18-34 Admit to Having actually gotten a New Hairdo after a Breakup. (Thermasilk Study).

The Right Hair Color for You
With Tracy’s Hair Color Knowledge you will certainly have Beautiful and Glowing Hair Color every day of the month, from one Hair visit all the way to the next! In Excuse Me… Your Roots Are Showing Tracy Discloses Hair Color Secrets, from her more than Thirty years of Experience in the Appeal market, Dealing with A-List Celebrities. Whether you are a Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, or Have Gray Hair, Tracy has the hair Services for you!

If You Have Gray Hair… Tracy will Show you how Basic it is to accomplish Complete gray hair protection.

If You’re a Blonde… Tracy will certainly Explain why you get Irreversible Damage. Understanding this is Very Important since you can not Fix Breakage. If you’re a Blonde you understand exactly what I’m Stating.

If You’re a Brunette… Tracy will certainly Inform you ways to Keep the Glow of Color that many Brunettes do not have. How Balayage (paint in highlights) will certainly Return your Drab Hair Color back to its original Glow.

If You’re a Redhead… Tracy will Let you in on the Genuine Reality of why your Hair Color Fades, what Causes it, and Ways to Correct it. Every redhead I understand likes this area.


The Right Hair Color Can Take 10 years off Your Look?

Changing your Hair Color is the Easiest and most Economical way to Attain a Younger appearance. Tracy’s Pointer, Suggestions, and Trade Secrets will certainly save you the Distress from needing to remedy Hair Color mistakes!

With Excuse Me… Your Roots Are Showing You Will:
– Discover Simple, Easy steps you can utilize to Essentially Eliminate Fading.
– Find out How to Select the Perfect Hair Color.
– Make best use of the Efficiency of at-home Hair Color Products.
– Learn how to Interact with your Colorist and Accomplish the very best Shade for your Skin Tone and Lifestyle.
– See how the Right Understanding will certainly Eliminate the Mystery of Hair Color.
– Discover Ways to Repair Hair Color flubs Fast.
– Learn why you can Spend $300 at the Beauty parlor and still be Dissatisfied with the Result of your Hair Color.
– Discover The best ways to Optimize the Efficiency of At-home Hair Color Products.
– Get Important info from Tracy’s Pre-Color Checklist.
– Find out the best ways to Keep Luster in your hair from the first day it’s colored to the last day of the month.
– Get the Professional Keys to Retaining Rich Hair Color Every Day of the Month.
– The best ways to Select a Hair Color that is Appropriate for your age and which will certainly Improve your Complexion.
– Save Money (and your valuable time) whether you have your Hair Color performed in the Beauty salon or do it yourself in the house.

Don’t Lose time and Cash Guessing your method Through another Hair Color Headache. Order Excuse Me… Your Roots Are Revealing Now and Get Beautiful, Shiny, and Dynamic Color Quickly.

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