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Get My Talk provides solutions to Professional Platform Speakers, helping them market more items from show business and closing even more of the area.

We have a tested system and a tried and tested market that is eager for us to finish advancement. When Bob Proctor and Les Brown found out about just what we were working with they claimed “Get this right into development as soon as you could” which Get My Talk was a “Video game Changer”.

This Service addresses 3 major issues:
– The first trouble is the loss of earnings at any sort of event when guests do not buy additional items. And also just what this loss could indicate to you in life-time sales from each shed opportunity.
– The second trouble is the amount of funding had to create the inventory to cost the back table. In addition to this issue, we resolve the concern of the amount of stock to carry hand. Get rid of the concern of “will certainly I have too much product and also it resembles nobody wishes it or will I sell out as well as now I need to fill up the orders and eat all the delivery prices.”.
– The 3rd trouble is the logistical migraines encountered with ordering, shipping and also offering physical inventory.

These are the primary troubles we are addressing with this groundbreaking new solution.

If you or your team are interested in getting your own mobile distribution system set up, call us today. We could set you up with a One Month FREE demo. If you are the type that understands they can start with no aid – simply click the “Join Now” button as well as your Freemium Account will certainly prepare in seconds.

You have actually filled up the area as well as provided an amazing message. You have actually provided them all you’ve obtained, you’ve actually put it available and also axed them up. Why then, do 75 % of your audience leave the space without making a purchase?

In today’s innovation driven atmosphere there’s no factor you need to be out of connection with your audience. Connection equates to sales and sales equates to service … Some revenue along the road!

The technical void at this touch point is massive. GetMyTalk, substantiated of deep requirement, is that missing out on link that allows you to catch your audience. It just utilizes a brand-new mobile delivery system that you easily and also elegantly, with a service mentality, acknowledgment throughout your presentation.

Your audience wishes your information in an easy as well as hassle-free method. That’s terrific considering that you want to give it to them as well as in doing this double your conversions in your back of area sales. Ultimately, the mobile phone has actually come to be a significant leverage point to your service, link and also, yes, PROFITS. Earnings NOW as well as by keeping them in the pipeline, earnings well right into the future.

A few of our customers have actually viewed approximately a 70 % boost in event revenue using this easy procedure.

Even Top Expert Speakers, like Les Brown and David M. Corbin are raving concerning GetMyTalk.

Several points can disturb the $ales cycle for an event guest. $ales process disruptions are fatal! Such interrupters include:
– They ran out time and needed to get to the following conference or session.
– They meant to go to your table and purchase something however they got distracted by somebody else and also never made it to your table.
– They were just out of cash on their credit card.

Every one of this could imply inadequate backside conversion at your occasions.

With Get My Talk you are finally able to:
– Deliver your selection of material in real time to your real-time audience straight via their mobile phone.
– Supply this material in a free or “for charge” basis with the convenience of them doing so without needing to leave their seats!
– Produce earnings throughout your discussion… just before the very first person rises to leave!
– Create immediate involvement, information capture and begin your drip/ service/ interaction procedure promptly.
– Change the smartphone in their hands from an interruption to a possession in your sales procedure modern technology.

Whether you are a Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Priest, or Educator, you ARE an Expert Speaker. While aesthetic aids and handouts are important tool in the interaction of your message, GetMyTalk does far more. It attaches you with your audience, gives you shut loophole responsibility as well as serves as a way to build as well as reinforce your brand like nothing else.

Now… Finally:
– Create a lasting brand perception, in real time right from the stage.
– Place your products digitally in the hands of your audience as well as close ($erve) even more of the room.
– Assure that your system is strong and also in place to follow up with your audience for special offers, future events and far more.

Remove the duty of follow up (yet another item in our task saturated schedules) considering that with SMS text GMT will certainly do it for you… Automatically, constantly and also NEVER fails to remember.

Out of all the speakers, distinguish yourself as special in the field of professional speakers by showing your command of modern, high water mark as well as finest of breed technology. No person else will certainly follow up in as quick and also professional way.



1. “I have never worked with anyone so eager to be so helpful. Whenever I have a question about anything, Doug doesn’t wait, he takes care of any and all issues with a sense of urgency and he takes pride in his work. No matter how small a matter may be, Doug makes you feel important. If he doesn’t know the answer to a question, he works with you on the spot to figure it out.

I could not recommend Doug Walz or Get My Talk more highly. Get My Talk is wonderful, we use this product to give people our instant paperless (eco-friendly) handout materials and to make sales on the spot, during a class or presentation, with no hassle. Navigating the software is a breeze, very user friendly.

Thank you Doug Walz and Get My Talk.” Caleb A Schaefer – Assistant to Dr Kevin – Empowering Your Journey to Greatness.

2. “With GMT I realized that I not only increased my sales at the event DURING my talk, but immediately after and now many months after as well. In my professional career, GMT has been one of the biggest leverage tools to immediately connect with my audiences and transmit value added resources in real-time.” – Dr. Jeffrey Magee, CMC, PDM, CSP (Recipient of the United States GUARD Total Victory Team Award).

3. The last thing any presenter needs is a disruptive element. If the presenter is interrupted during this building process, the inertia is lost to the masses.

Your product solves this and many other issues never before thought possible.

This technology is much like ours, a service you never knew you couldn’t live without. As a presenter, it will revolutionize the industry and enhance the relationship between the presenter and the audience.

Well done! I am honored to be a part of such an exciting piece of technology and will share it by default when I ask others to ‘get my talk’. Absolutely brilliant engineering. Keep up the amazing work. Eric Wilson – Global Weather Technologies, Inc.

4. I’m responsible for creating live and virtual events for an aerospace engineering company. We’d love to be able to share the presentations with the attendees so they can take them back to their organizations.

The solution you described is brilliant! My only regret is that this is not yet available. (IT IS NOW) Please let us know ASAP when Beta Testing begins. We’re in.

This is one of those ideas that could not have been possible just a few years ago. Now it is a “must have” for any Professional Speaker. Bonnie Dubrow – President, Strategies for Success, Inc.

5. Our experience in East Africa and Central America has shown us that computers and WIFI signals may be hard to find but cell phones and cell signals continue to grow and improve. Imagine being able to share technical instruction for any trade/skill directly to the person looking for that solution without the restriction of computers or WIFI signals. The Make It Count Foundation, Inc.

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guaranteeimageMy Conclusions for Get My Talk

If you sell products at your speaking events you may have seen a few people leave without making an additional purchase after your talk. These missed opportunities represent thousands of dollars that remain just beyond your grasp.

What if you could capture just a few more sales opportunities at each event over the next year with little to no extra effort.

Get My Talk is the solution!


Is It Guaranteed That Get My Talk Will Work For You?

Get My Talk review comes with a 60-Day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose. Your energy, vitality, and passion in order to uncover, cultivate, and offer to everyone who will Less Time & Effort Than Collecting Cards from your better Software & Services : Productivity achieved. That is how firmly the authors stand behind the depth, scope, and value of Get My Talk.