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I found an old book that was explaining about a system that was very popular in the late 60’s called 5×5! It was love at first sight. 3 compound exercises with 5 reps and 5 sets followed by 2 finisher exercises. I immediately tried the system as it was and I felt great. The only thing I changed was the daily schedule and adapted my regimen based on my bodies feedback day by day. I quickly realized I was getting stronger fast and guess what?..I continued to develop more strength, more weight and then more muscle. My head started thinking of the possibilities and I started to research more. During the next several years I was lucky to start working alongside an old friend that became my coach, Scott Sonnon and his CST system.

Alberto Gallazzi, bodyguard to presidents, Hollywood superstars, and fashion symbols, verified to be far more compared to a solid shield. After several years of preparing groups of defense representatives to change him and also safeguard several of the world’s highest profile people, he demonstrated that he was a master teach also. Accompanying me from one country to the next, in all degrees, from special procedures devices to high safety clearance federal government establishments, he helped me in sharing TACFIT and Clubbell training around the world.

I saw him not only expand as a coach, yet integrate his comprehensive as well as cross-disciplinary background to create brand-new techniques to establishing strength in all useful angles and needs. Clubbell 5×5 is greater than a cover. It is a wisely developed tool for planting threatening muscle mass and also expressible power.

He will certainly take us as a community in an untapped instructions, as well as will change the sector with his peaceful humbleness. I am quite happy to bring you “The Captain” Alberto Gallazzi’s volcanic method to strength training: Clubbell 5×5!

This brand-new 5×5… will offer you plenty to do. From rebuilding old method to integrating more complexity to your substance workout, your physical body as well as nervous system will certainly need to re-adapt frequently, and you will be in control of your physical bodies volatility as well as development. I will certainly instruct you the best ways to run it throughout the week, the best ways to incorporate the high strength WOD if you engage in TACFIT, and also I will likewise offer brand-new specific warm ups as well as new great downs to let you enter as well as leave your session discomfort free. I will lay out for you when to go high tons and complex as well as when to go into refine mode particularly if your age is not down near the 30’s any sort of longer. 5×5 will also direct you in improving your body make-up and general health and wellness!

Unique thanks to my coach and also sibling Master Coach Scott Sonnon for changing the means I see fitness! In this manual you will find a little on the past behind this program as well as I will certainly detail exactly how you need to run it, as well as what to pick as your various goal.
You will certainly discover a chart with various methods of the program and also ways to run it regular. These will tell you exactly what degree or tons you should educate with, the best ways to recover as well as a lot more.
I will likewise show you my way of thinking about strength conditioning and the training concepts I apply throughout my individual workouts.

About Scott Sonnon?

I was birthed and also raised in the Milano suburb of Northern Italy in 1970. As a youngster, I was really active till the age of 12. It was around that time that I stopped all physical activity, as well as for 2 years, I was
merely shoveling food in my mouth. Completion outcome left me a large 89 kg at the age of 14 and also this was not muscle mass. I lastly made a decision to make an adjustment as well as started attending a Kung-Fu class. Someplace along the line, while my body was being restored to health, I was presented to my “initially” love: Complete Call Kickboxing. As I remained to train, I found myself competing, succeeding a number of medals, an Italian champion, and also few professional fights!

At 18 I volunteered for the Army offering in the air-borne department and also later ending up being very active across many systems. When I left the army, I took place to take care of protection workers in different clubs in Italy as well as abroad. After a while, I made a decision to relocate to the United States. I spent 5 years taking a trip the country examining various designs of fighting style as well as picking up from the most effective trains. During this moment I worked for various security companies, consisting of a bail recuperation representative in The golden state.

After 5 years in the United States, I was hired by a Swiss Diplomat to head his safety and also I returned to Europe. I discovered myself functioning close protection security across the EU, Middle East, South Africa, and also a lot more. I ended up opening a safety and training firm, Secutor, which supplied bodily training and designed combat certain curriculum for special forces in Italy and also abroad.

I am now the EU supervisor for RMAX International and also the TacFit Armed force Department Chief, standing for Scott Sonnon’s work. I have actually been researching under Dr. Dennis Hannover as well as have achieved a Third degree black belt in Dennis’ Survival Jiu-jitsu. In 2008, I even won a gold medal at the Globe Championships in Israel. I have integrated all I learned under my coach Scott Sonnon as well as my 2nd father Dennis Hannover, to create a fight particular training approach called TacFit Survival Jiu-Jitsu.


1. I made use of to compete in the Korean conventional fighting style games and also would certainly experience many injuries during that time. This is just what at first stimulated my passion in discovering joint movement programs. After addressing my injuries with joint flexibility, I started looking for joint toughness and also performance improvement. If joint movement recovered my body, Clubbell 5×5 gave me joint toughness as well as athleticism.
The Clubbell 5×5 program boosts toughness in the complete range of activity which is called “Round Toughness”. The Clubbell is the only device that can improve “Circular Strength”. We require this 3-dimensional ability for sporting activities, fight and even in dancing choreography. Let me simply claim that circular ability equates to practical strength period. Clubbell 5×5 is an excellent program for all levels of athleticism as it provides various levels of exercise that aid you build up your strength steadily.
For Clubbell enthusiasts, this is an essential program to include in your arsenal. I am very happy that Alberto released this program to show everybody.”.

TACFIT Team Leader and also CST trainer.

2. 5×5 provided me a lot of advantages both in athletic prep work and in my battle sporting activities. I trained with 5×5 just before a series of battle competitors to view exactly how it aided my hurting, all were finished with superb outcomes.
I educated 5 days a week with this procedure and in a quite short time, I might see my saved fat deposits mass being changed by lean muscle.
I am really delighted with this program, so much to make sure that I now provide dedicated 5×5 courses at my fitness center, with my students demonstrating the very same superb results.
I like the Clubbell and Alberto Gallazzi’s 5×5 is “TUTTO TOP”!!!”.

CST Coach.
Tacfit Group Leader.
Proprietor of T-Lab Health club, very first Tacfit just Gym in Europe, since 2010.

3. Educating with the 5×5 system assists us to boost the method and the movement control in the physical exercises which require specific support. Having the ability to deal with large lots or intricate motions, setting a clear goal as well as concentrating on boosting the performance in each collection has actually enabled us to brighten our technique and also build up the weak points of our structure. Together with Prasara Yoga as well as Flow work, 5×5 has actually been an essential part in our preparation for TACFIT Team Leader and now it is a main emphasis in the prep work of our customers and also in our own training.”.

TacFit Group Leaders Iberian Legion.

5x5-complete-packageProduct Name: Clubbell 5×5
Founder Name: Scott Sonnon

guaranteeimageMy Conclusions for Clubbell 5×5

In this area, I will certainly lead you with the workouts from the most standard to the highest degree. I will certainly discuss to you the technicians behind each of the parts as well as teach you via these. Each training video includes me introducing the exercise then training it first hand to one of my trainers. This will certainly allow you the opportunity to pinpoint the vital coaching hints of each exercise.


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