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You have at some point or another, invested months (or perhaps years!) with little to no success with women. Without any real outcomes, simply unwanted heartache and an empty calendar. The only thing you have actually gotten up until now is a stack of failures that aren’t getting you any closer to sharing any type of genuine, lasting connection with women.

I’m not here to try to provide you a ‘long winded’ guilt trip. The bottom line is you’re still not getting any closer to enjoying all the womanly pleasures that are available to you.

I can inform you, from experience that you fail to need to spend your whole life sensation nervous when approaching women. Why should you put up with spending your weekends alone viewing TELEVISION marathons?

You might alter all that without spending hours memorising worthless pick-up lines, with no lessons on sophisticated body language, without a social box of tricks that magicians would have problem with and without even looking the part.

You may well be fretting about your love life when you don’t need to deal with that. And even worse and you have actually simply accepted that you won’t have a long string of beautiful women wish to sleep with you since you’re just ‘not that kind of man’.

If you’re checking out the past then it’s time to finally get over your ex and ruin those unfavorable feelings you still painfully keep. It’s time to open your mind to the cold, hard truths that are in front of you. You are not getting laid half as much as you want and you have no genuine concept the best ways to alter this.

Ow allow yourself to imagine:
– Just stating ‘hi’ to a woman led to her giggling like she was a school lady.
– You could have her biting her finger as she checks out your eyes.
– Being around her resulted in her playing continuously with her hair.
– You develop her trust levels for her to reveal all her naughty little tricks.

In simply 3 minutes time you might put an end to your technique anxiety, to your dry spell, to your problems in your relationships, to your lack of success with women.

Casanova’s Note pad was the answer to everything my life was missing out on. With this unique plan of state-of-the-art seduction tips, I ensure you’ll change the way you believe and feel about seduction. Now the mental image you have of Casanova’s Note pad is ending up being brilliant and brilliant.

Take a moment to plainly visualise the effect having the ability to seduce hundreds of beautiful women will carry your life. Let yourself emotionally engage with this mental image. You’ve currently enabled yourself to allow the reality – you want to get laid or you want to find a girlfriend, after-all you would not be here if you didn’t.

Now, as you look at your screen you choose to play the right hand and click your life into action. Originally, I had to spend hours reading Casanova’s Note pad.

After handing the guide to a good friend of mine, who is a revered sociologist; he chose that text alone would refrain from doing complete justice to the extreme power of the content within. The notes, although extremely powerful, were difficult to read after all, it was written in the renaissance!

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