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Given that the authorities were frozen and helpless in front of the bitterly cold that affected our country in 2014, YOU are the only one who can secure you and your household during this year’s second wave and AFTERMATH of the POLAR VORTEX.

That’s right! I dislike to break it to you, however the Polar Vortex isn’t really going anywhere! A minimum of not yet! Meteorologists have already issued many cautions relating to a new wave of arctic glacial cold that will strike the United States.

And the problem is yet to come! Because, according to weather experts, this upcoming deep freeze will last for a considerably longer amount of time… Just picture: It’s midnight and it’s unexpectedly getting colder and chillier, your hands flinch and a shudder of chills is sent down your spine. The power is off.

Once more! Only this time, it does not seem to come back. The storm outside is frightening. You simply sit there in the dark, watching your children shivering…

Instead of Happy New Year, those were the words on the lips of countless Americans in the first days of 2015. The Polar Vortex is real and it took us by surprise, much like many other natural emergency situations that our nation has actually suffered recently.

At least 21 deaths have been blamed on this cold-weather occasion, according to CBC News. More than 100 million people in 22 states have actually struggled with stinging below zero temperature levels that many of them have never thought would experience in a lifetime. The mix of extreme cold, snow and strong winds found the authorities overwhelmed, while children and seniors were shivering inside frozen houses…

This year, a powerful, sprawling winter storm buried the eastern US in near-record snow, asserting 19 lives. 48, 000 individuals were left without power, hundreds stranded for hours, 7,600 flights cancelled… Complete chaos!

Sure, some of you may still be sitting warm and cosy in front of your TV, but believe me, NO ONE’s safe anymore. Because the aftermath of the Polar Vortex is much more unsafe than the phenomenon itself.

The most major penalty of severe cold is Hypothermia. The victim no more feels any chills or shivering, the muscles start to stiffen and the person’s lips and extremities turn blue. Pulse and breathing progressively decrease; feelings of confusion and indifference start to manifest, followed by drowsiness, then loss of awareness and ultimately a coma… I understand that sounds very troubling and it is!

However it’s likewise as real as it can be and you need to understand precisely the best ways to avoid or treat it in case you or a member of your household is in danger.

Keep in mind that hypothermia mainly influences elderly people because of their lower metabolic rate, decreased ability to identify changes in the temperature or persistent medical conditions. Kids are also vulnerable…

Sure, there are other threats that we are all facing when the penetrating cold shows up, however they can all be prevented or ultimately beat if you’ve got the PROPER expertise.

And I insist: PROPER! Because, after checking out tens of books and guides that supposedly secure you when catastrophe strikes, I’ve observed they not only offer standard and the majority of the times, completely worthless suggestions, however also have the tendency to spread out the incorrect guidelines, that are most likely to put you in higher danger.

Fortunately for you, I’ve acknowledged their mistakes and have actually now developed a total guard guide versus the unimaginably dangerous extreme cold that DID this January and WILL impact the lives of countless fellow Americans this winter and possibly the next, and the next…

YOU can be amongst those who are safe and warm and essentially remove any chance that you will be caught unprepared.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll find inside the Ice-cold Defense Guide:
> Discover the basic secret that keeps you from losing heat fast. Many people don’t know about this trick, that I discovered in among my personal survival training courses.
> Freezing cold item choice- This special list is as complete as it is simple to obtain. Any remarkably cold situation can quickly be overcome by having these at hand.
> Clothe properly. If you believe using a huge fur coat and covering yourself with 7 blankets will protect you from freezing to death, keep dreaming! When we’re handling severe temperatures, clothes requires extreme care! You’ll discover the complete guidelines inside the guide.
> The best ways to prevent and treat extreme cold repercussions like hypothermia, frostbite and others. One error can be fatal!
> How to build a proper stockpile with products you won’t discover in any other guides. I’ll likewise tell you precisely what to consume to keep your health strong every winter season.
> How to keep your home warm, even if the power is out.
> Ways to keep your car safe throughout the freezing cold.
> Plus many more.

And because one catastrophe causes another and because my promise includes the know-how for the Polar Vortex after-effects, I’m going to add a special bonus for you to be safe when the shivering is all gone and not just then, since…

Did you understand that floods are the most typical natural catastrophe in America? The Red Cross reports that, every year, floods take more than 100 lives and trigger more than $4 billion in damages.

I’ve seen people with houses considerably harmed by flood and it’s truly dismal, but that does not have to take place. That’s why I established a plan to effectively fulfill the inevitable.


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