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If you’re on this page reading those statements above, I think it’s safe to presume you fit at least one of the requirements above; likely more than one. When it comes to myself, I fit all 4 of those situations, obviously at various times in my life. Prior to I go on, please permit me to introduce myself with this brief video.

My function for the video is to not just let you connect a name with a face but to show you that I am a real individual; a genuine type 2 diabetic, not some non-diabetic that might or could not be working in the medical career. Or worse yet, may not even be a diabetic themselves. Naturally, I’m not stating it’s a bad thing that they are not diabetic. I do not want that on anyone. I have actually seen first hand how agonizing the end phase is in diabetes, specifically type 2.

Regardless, it’s become obviously clear they really DO NOT comprehend type 2 diabetes. To me the problem is that they’re out there dishing out dietary recommendations passed on from some book, handout or internet site that just makes diabetes worse.

In fact, they promote consuming the extremely foods that contribute to the type 2 diabetes itself! How is this possible you’re questioning. I truly wish I was making this up but I know this to be real having actually seen for myself the drop in blood sugars after I got rid of specific categories of foods from my diet plan.

I illed and tired of being sick and tired as a result of my type 2 diabetes. I wager you can relate. My individual diabetes story extends Twenty Years which except for brief periods during then, it definitely seemed like a continuous swim upstream. It was a marathon that I had not been ever going to win. UNTIL NOW.

I will not bore you with all the details but if you’re diabetic, then we all share similar stories. You see folks, even if we are on medications like I was with my 3 daily insulin shots for near to 6 years, at some point you realize that it does not get any better. Undoubtedly, medications become less reliable. As a result, doctors increase our dosage, add on new medications or both. Right? Yep, great! However, this makes good sense once you truly understand type 2 diabetes.

The REAL issue with that approach I discovered, is the current treatment procedures just treat the signs and symptom. A signs and symptom!!! NOT the illness itself !! So which is which? I’ll get to that. Keep reading.

Have you ever wondered why however? Why or how type 2 diabetes develops? Why medications are just reliable for a short amount of time? I did, A LOT!

I set out to search for answers, which as it ended up were extremely tough to piece together and understand them. However that is precisely what I did and it altered my life permanently.

For starters, the most crucial concern I had to address was: How and why type 2 diabetes holds?

I developed this video to offer you a visual representation of the what, how and why of type 2 diabetes development.

Obviously, it really is more in-depth and maybe complicated than that but for all intents and purposes that is the gist of it. Having actually comprehended this information with time has enabled me to determine how I got from point A to point B and how to get back to point A.

I studied thoroughly the procedure of getting to type 2 diabetes and was able to determine how to get back. There ares a 2004 research that verifies that you can return. I share those information with you. 8 years of on and off research, experimentation and self-experimentation, is what I’m sharing with you today. A. Your download will certainly be in PDF format which will need the complimentary Adobe Reader.

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